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Thursday, December 16, 2004

ooo aaa mmm banana chocolate pocky's...

... are my latest discovery from the Pocky range. Soooooo nice. Pocky, for the unitiated are sort of like bread sticks but much thinner and normally coated in chocolate. A bit of a Japanese addiction - to some of my students anyway.

And I got more apples today, from another student :D (Hey, I'm easily pleased!)

I had another Xmas party at the weekend. Free booze is ALWAYS a good thing and I've behaved pretty impeccably so far. Well, compared to how I got at some of the[old work place's] parties, that's not a hard thing, and I did swear to keep work and booze separate. Actually, I recall saying that several times. Anyway, I've been good so far.

This evening I went out for food and drinks with another of the receptionists from a different school. I'm still not sick of Japanese food and don't think I ever will be - especially when you get lots of little things to share. The restaurant was quiet, but we weren't. Actually, this occurs most places I go. Funny that.....

Tokyo is getting colder and colder and the Xmas music worse and worse. Think bad organ. Not nice. Actually, think pain!

I now have just five teaching days left to Xmas, and three weeks off. I cannot wait. I have no plans. Bliss! It'll actually be the first rest I've had in over a year. And what a year!

Oh, and don't expect Xmas cards, as I've not got my act together. I do have four little packages that'll be sent out to the UK tomorrow though. You may get them by mid January. If you're lucky!!!

Anyway, it's late, I'm babbling and so I'm going now!


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