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Friday, December 10, 2004

I'm a good teacher! :D

Now I think I understand what job satisfaction is: happy students who you can see progress and who tell you they like you and you're good and they learn better with you than their previous teacher and why don't you have room in your schedule for them to see you more often. I'm a happy bunny!!! (I've also had receptionists telling me students enjoy my classes.)

Actually, today was a giggle fest. I had three adult classes and three kids ones today - and - well, the amount of noise one adult (me) can make with one kid can be very loud! It also means I get to enjoy the classes. And, I'm not sure WHY there was more giggling than normal, but two of my kids had me in stitches, and the other one I always giggle with). Plus, kids are much more willing to initiate English in games than in 'normal conversation' situations. And their personalities come through more. I mean, let's face it, one kid with a teacher is a very artificial situation.

And thing I love about this job is that I'm forever learning things. I also love it that we can do whatever we want, more or less, in the lessons, although we do have to stick to a pacing schedule for some group and kids lessons.

Other things that made me happy today:
finishing early, a Subway chicken and gorgonzola sandwich, a 50 yen dvd ('24' naturally - oh and 50 yen is about 25 pence!), checking mail box and amongst the junk mail and bill heap, finding two bits of real mail - Kate, Simone: thank you! Although I'm not altogether sure about the pix. Maybe they should have been burned? Brought back cool memories of Scotland anyway.

And knowing I don't have 12-year old kid ever again on a Saturday! My Saturday schedule is now a private intermediate class, a group intermediate class (which is one of my faves and who I think I may teach the many uses of 'piss' tomorrow - well, how can you speak English without knowing the difference between a 'pissup' and 'piss off'?) and my 3.5 hour intermediate group.

I like intermediate students!


Question to other bloggers: do you check your sitemeter? I do and I love seeing the referrals page. Today, for example, I've learned that my site comes up if you do a search on Comcast for 'european dog regristration' or on google for 'instruction of hovercroft' or 'doremon kitten'. I'm intrigued. I've seen some other funny ones it's come up on but can't remember them. Well, I find it amusing anyway!


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