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Thursday, December 23, 2004

Things that made me happy today.

  1. Today was my last day of teaching for three weeks.
  2. I had a couple of really nice adult lessons today, and one student told the receptionist she really likes me. I taught three of my students the words 'tacky', 'cheesy', and the Spanish pronunciation of 'Paella'. Well, I did once I'd interpreted what 'paidja' was!
  3. I had my cute four year olds jingling some little bells while I sang 'Jingle Bells' to them. Badly.
  4. I cut my last snowflake. Over the last week I've cut more of the buggers than can possibly be healthy for one adult.
  5. I learned that nine year olds don't cheat at games that six year olds do.
  6. I laughed my head off at my nine year old lads: I made them eat M&M's with chopsticks.
  7. My receptionist gave me a large box of PG Tips Tea Bags.
  8. I had yet another lovely evening out with nice food, good drinks and wonderful Japanese company. And I didn't have to pay a penny for it!
  9. The two sets of traffic lights I needed to cycle over both turned to green (for me) as I approached them.
  10. I realised just how totally happy and content I am now, compared to this time last year.

One of the people I was out with tonight, said culture shock will probably set in around six months. I've been here three. Thing is, I can't imagine that it will. I feel so settled here, and now my circle of friends - both Japanese and Gaijin is growing, I'm feeling even more so. It's nice. The only difficulty I have is with the language, and that can only get better. Maybe it's because I feel I'm so independent and adapt so well and so easily to new surroundings, experiences, etc, but I really can't imagine a sudden downturn in mood over this. I may, of course, be eating these words by the end of Spring. But we'll see!


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