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Sunday, January 16, 2005

Angry Jo

Okay, so I try and keep this blog light and fluffy and avoid getting all heavy or political on here, but my blood is boiling about an article in yesterday (Jan 15th)'s Japan Times.

In a nutshell then:

Christians and Muslims vieing for Sumatra's soul's:

These people need food but they also need Jesus... God is trying to awaken people and help them realize that salvation is with Christ.

I can't decide whether to be speechless or fume about this.In brief, the article says that

Muslim radicals are handing out Qurans with the bags of rice and sugar they distribute to tsunami victims. Christian aid groups have also rushed in, quietly promising salvation in this predominantly Islamic region but are fearful their presence could spark sectarian violence.

Another Christian group, 'Light of Love for Aceh' is handing out food and wants to take 50 kids to a Christian orphanage in Jakarta to:

..expose them to Christian values.

[An] Evangelist says it's impossible to separate reliefe activities from sharing the Gospel. He acknowledged he was warned to tone down his message but says he has "a job to do"....

God is trying to awaken people and help them realize that salvation is in Christ.

What do you think? I'm really angry about this and think it's yet another example of how evil, corrupt and unnecessary organised religions are and....... I'm stopping this post before I start spitting blood.

(No offence meant to any individual believers reading this. I just don't get it, okay.)


Blogger Liisa said...

I agree. Religions cause worse things than mother nature does. Just look at this one: http://www.godhatessweden.com/ . How confused you can get?

Then on the other hand - all the help is needed. Even the helped that comes from fanatic nutters.

8:56 am


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