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Sunday, January 16, 2005

*gasp - three posts in one day!*

So, now the anger post and the 'what if' posts are out of the way:

I went back to work last Tuesday, which is normally my day off, but I had to cover. Woke up shattered from the excesses of the previous few weeks and slowly went down hill as the week went on. I wasn't looking forward to starting again, but as soon as I saw the students I perked up. I DO enjoy this, and feel I had some great classes this week. Unfortunately, I had training on Friday which meant getting up earlier than normal, but I always feel more inspired after these sessions and implement new ideas with the students.

I have a new cute student. He's 26, has his own apartment and is upper intermediate level. He does however, work extremely long hours and wants to do business English with me (yawn. I HATE business English - mainly because I have no interest in that field, and it' s not my background. Maybe I can talk him out of it though!). Anyway, I don't do if he's single (yet) or if he's a smoker.... but I've lots of Saturday's ahead to find out :D

Last night I ended up in another all night karaoke session, and made everyone jealous by asking for a tambourine and then hogging it most of the night. Drank a phenomenal amount and we ended up in FatDonald's before the first train. Evil.

Oh and it's been pissing it down here (again) since Friday night. Great. It's Sunday night now and hasn't stopped yet!


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