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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Turning Japanese

I'm turning Japanese. Actuallly I think we all are. It must be down to spending so much of every day with Japanese people. I wave at people when I'm immediately in front of them; often with both hands. I indicate 'two' with two open fingers (think 'fuck you') facing people. I give little bows to thank people (just slightly more than a nod). And a load of other things.

My language is becoming peppered with odd words in Japanese here and there. Things like can I have your keitei number? (keitei is a mobile phone) and so on.

We're all gesturing to each other much more and starting to talk to each other like we're with our students, and it normally takes ages to realise.

When I did my Israel/France stint, my grammar completely broke down. As an English teacher, I obviously hope this won't happen again!!!

OOOPS - just noticed I'm not the only thing 'turning Japanese' - must have been playing around with my settings, and now all blogger instructions are coming up in Kanji. Guess I should fix that, eh? (fixed, but that was quite, er, amusing).

After a couple of hours getting stressed over a Japanese photodisc, I've finally figured out how to save it to my hard drive. I may even get around to putting some up here soon.

COMPLAINT: I have a site meter. I KNOW people are reading this blog - so why are none of you buggers leaving me comments or signing my guest book / map? huh? huh? hmph.


Blogger Josie said...

I do like reading your journal. So turning japanese hey!! cool! I leave in three weeks!!! eiik!
So here is your comment. I also get frustrated that no one comments on my journal too..hint...hint. :)

11:04 am

Blogger Jo said...

three weeks? oh boy. expect a major rollercoaster of emotions in that time!

12:49 am

Blogger Kristian said...

This is me writing you a comment. :)

3:01 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

OK I leave a comment: a cell phone is a keitAI. not a keitei ...

11:24 am


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