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Monday, January 17, 2005

man oh man!

All about men:

Man one -

Mr Hairspray, my student, who's been engaged for, like, ever.... I asked him today about his proposal - where was it? was it romantic? etc. He said he'd thinks she'd guessed. I asked how. He said (now, he's Japanese, she's British) because he'd been asking her how to propose marriage to someone in English.

Like, DOH!!! Talk about UNromantic and giving the game away. Anyway, things like that should be what he uses his English lessons for!

Man two -

Okay, cheating here slightly. I'm talking about Niku-Man. Niku-man are steamed buns with fillings in the middle that are sold on the counters of convenient stores. They have inspired names like Cheezu-man (a man with cheese inside), Curry-man (a man with a curry filling inside), Pizza-man (a bolognesey like filling and so on). Anyway, they are, generally absolutely lovely and perfect for this weather. Apparantly they pop up ever August, so they've been around since I have.


- to see what they look like. You can also get sweet bean fillings, pork fillings, shark fin, and who knows what else.


Man three -

Oops. I seem to have a four inch nail in my skull. How did that happen? http://www.sky.com/skynews/article/0,,91059-13284772,00.html - I mean, HONESTLY!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Jo - Honestly, a nail in the brain... By the sounds of it at least he didn't hurt anything important. It's not like he's going to use it much.

I do read your blog, and have signed in! Hurrah! Keep up the good work!

Ben x

5:03 am


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