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Sunday, January 23, 2005

eye candy

I had to do a cover day today and one of the students was VERY VERY cute. What's going on? That's three in two days. Where have they been hiding? He was only elementary level, but a good elementary level and we passed a lovely 45 minutes talking about Spain and Italy. He was followed by a hyperactive 11 year old that couldn't catch a ball but was a cool kid and a, yawn, business student that didn't know whether he was brave enough to leave his job or not.

And that's one of the main problems in Japan. Whilst the whole 'one company for life' of yesteryears is no longer such a big thing, many people DO stay put for years and years because they're too scared of not being able to get another job. Same with holiday allowance. There is a massive allowance here for some workers - but they can only take it if the work is all done. For most that seems to mean the company wins. Sad, huh?

Is it sad that my neighbour and I, whilst both in our prospective apartments, have text conversations?

Another fairly common sight in Tokyo is something that really sums up the Japanese personality for me. Most days I see bicycles colliding or nearly colliding with each other. Nobody raises an eyebrow or shouts. They just stay calm, probably both apologise and continue on their way. Now in England if that were to happen.....

Oh, and yesterday I got a warning note left on my bike for parking it in my regular spot threatening to take it away and charge me 3000 yen. I'll put it in other places for a bit....

Oh, oh, and it's snowing lightly. So far.


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