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Thursday, January 20, 2005

I've. Got. A. Wob. bel. ly. Tooth.

Actually, I don't have a wobbly tooth, but one of my cute kids does and she made the receptionist come into me before class as she wanted to know how to say it in English to me, and the receptionist didn't know. She's six I think.

One of my four year olds yesterday, finished colouring something in and sat there saying: 'no, shell?', 'no, shell?' and looking really upset while I racked my brain trying to figure out what he was on about. When he left, I said to the receptionist, I think I've done something wrong - but none of us could figure out what; he just stood there looking all sad. His mum brought him back five minutes later - I'd not given him a sticker. And yes, I did then give him a sticker (he chose a a tiger, I think), and yes, he was happier!

The point is - these kids are so desperate to learn to communicate and initiate language with me that it makes teaching them a real pleasure. Especially when they have a personality, which can be hard to see sometimes! I love the feisty ones though, or the ones that are a challenge. Challenge and naughty are not the same thing here! I'm talking about getting through to a kid as some kids like boisterous activities, some like quieter ones and with some, you get nothing from them for ages and then suddenly a flood-gate.

And with adults, the biggest reward I get (apart from bags of apples) is when students leave my class laughing or smiling, or tell me they've enjoyed my lesson. I mean, let's be honest here: you cannot learn a new language in 30 or 45 or 60 minutes a week unless you put in a hell of a lot of work outside the classroom. I know that. They know that. So we may as well make the best of it... And it DOES show who does the work outside and who doesn't. I mean, I can teach you, but if you never review it or do any extra work, we're both fighting a losing battle.

One of my fave low level adults, an 18 year old, is leaving me in Feb and March to do a homestay in New Zealand. She'll be amazingly good when she gets back as she picks things up so quickly. I'll miss her.

Student Weird-Teeth is in Hawaii all of Feb (okay for some). I won't miss her much. She's hard work!

I'm sleeping badly at the moment. I don't know why, but a lot of other teachers are as well. So, the idea of getting up in the morning and the idea of going to work and being all genki are hellish. As soon as one of my students steps into my class though, I realise anew how much I enjoy it. There are exceptions, of course, but even the class with my personality-bypass-sisters seem to be getting a BIT less painful. After nearly four months. GAH!!!

Since I've been here, I've seen people wearing face masks every day. (No, not disguise masks - paper mouth covering ones. Think Sars coverage on telly way back...) I'm yet to figure if it's to protect them from the world or the world from them - but there are far too many people sneezing on trains, etc. That (and sickish students) combined with weather going hot, cold, hot, cold, and air con some places, heating others - fighting off bugs is not too easy.

Oh well, I'll just keep pumping echinacea and vitamin c. I don't think a mouth mask would suit me. White is the only colour they come in. Unless I got one and painted it brightly? Hmmm. Could start a new fashion statement!

And last night, I went to the cinema and saw Howl's Moving Castle. For anyone who loved Spirited Away, this is a gotta see. Loved it. Even if I didn't understand it all!! (Well, I was dying to see it and it wasn't available with subtitles anywhere!). The animation was wonderful and the music fantastic! I have to buy the soundtrack and get myself to the Ghibli Museum now!


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