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Saturday, February 05, 2005


I bought some wellies today ready for the snow festival in Sapporo next week. This excited me. I've not had wellies since I was a kid. I DID want bright yellow ones, but as the shop I saw them in only had black, I settled for that. As they're new, I'm wearing them at the moment. Wellies, wellies, wellies. I love that word!

I was asked by someone why I never comment on their blog and my response was I can never find anything intelligent to say. The truth is, after a day working I can barely put a coherent sentence together, let alone make any actual sense.

Take today. In three of my classes we didn't use a text book. These students, however, are paying good money and so are expecting a good lesson. This is why I'm so brain dead by the end of the day. The first student, for example, asked my opinion on why the Japanese economic system is so bad and we discussed Japanese import and export laws, CJD, foot and mouth and the beef industry, the Japanese workplace..... these are intelligent students with a good level that expect a good lesson. I love it when I get told they've enjoyed my lessons. It's such a boost.

With the two others (one of whom I am now in SERIOUS lust with!), I regurgitated the same topic: youth crime and the age of responsibility, death sentences, punishment, prisons, punishing parents for their kids crimes, etc. Oh and smoking (cigarettes in Japan are a fifth the price of the UK) and, my favourite, how nuts the Japanese work system is and what people will end up doing in ten years when there's a complete lack of workforce.

The other two - one was a nice easy (for me!) lesson on questions and the other was an intensive where we watched a video and talked about the differences between living in the countryside and the city. (I've really oversimplified that one, haven't I?)

This all takes a LOT of energy and braincells! But I DO love it. I get to use my brain all day - which is why I can't string meaningful sentences together afterwards.

I'm SURE there was something else I wanted to whitter on about - but I'm buggered if I can remember what it was!

OH YES - the photos. It's all proving far too stressful so I'm giving up. Sorry. I'm a techno-ramus. I need to be spoonfed through this. I don't understand why I can't put photos up. I don't understand why when I upload (download?) photos from my hard drive onto Ofoto as Jpegs they turn into jpgs and won't open here. I don't know how to find my IP address or my where my ISP page is. I can barely manage to turn my computer on and type my blog let alone anything more complex. I QUIT. I CAN'T COPE. AARRGGGHHH!!!

Did I mention I have new wellies?

Actually, I've just figured out how to put pictures up here successfully. It's now just a matter of getting around to it!


Blogger thephoenixnyc said...

Yes, pics, pics, the more the better.

12:57 am

Blogger Paul said...

You'll be out buying a sled next :P

2:48 pm

Blogger Elspeth said...

have to be honest - Im crap at leaving comments too, one way i put pics online is at buzznet, i have a gallery there, not a brill one, but it does

7:58 pm

Blogger Josie said...

Oh my god. 12 hours to go.I am so nervous. Plus had to say good bye to boyfriend today!
Sob sob,, sniff sniff

7:20 pm

Blogger Chameleon said...

Please don't give up on the pics - although I can't dispense good advice on how to post them, I am curious to see them - maybe you could even post a piccie of those weird and wonderful Kit-Kat flavours ;)))) I also completely empathise with the comments issue - I have exactly the same problem of being so wiped out on arriving home from work that I often cannot muster enough mental energy to comment even when I have enjoyed an entry. Here's an incentive for posting piccies: you can put up a technicolour image of your new wellies!!!

5:38 am


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