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Thursday, February 03, 2005

It's my blog and I'll moan if I want to

I'm ill. I've been off work for two days now, though I'll be dragging myself in tomorrow as I don't get sick pay :(

I have some kind of ikky virus - sore throat, snuffles, bit of a headache, body that feels like it's run two consecutive marathons - that kind of thing. And the glands in my throat are getting sorer too now.

Being ill is boring. I've slept most the day but need to sleep tonight so have to do something else. Luckily, my ironing board is a perfect computer stand/tray. It's almost the length of two laptops, by the width and an eighth of a laptop deep and about a centimetre or two higher than a paperback book.

I had one friend, who lives about an hour or more away, offering to bring me anything I needed, which was nice but I would have felt pretty bad about that. My neighbour went in the end though to get me some groceries. And gave me a bowl of strawberries as a treat!

I should stop. I'm rambling. Boredom does that. I think I'll watch a movie instead....


Blogger Chameleon said...

Sorry you hear you are feeling under the weather - I would curl up and watch a few films (provided I had access to TV with English subtitles!).
I came across this link via a post to Other Men's Flowers. Have you seen them, or indeed tried them?
Please give us a taste test report!

10:23 pm

Blogger Jo said...

I have a computer. I have DVD's. It's enough!

If you're referring to green tea flavour kitkats - then yes. Delicious! Until you have all four sticks and then you feel very sick!!!

Green tea haagen dasz is also very very nice.

And the smell of green tea being ground in one of the local shops is one of my favourite smells. It's sweetness hangs in the air and in your nose for a good few minutes after you've passed the shop.

11:05 pm


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