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Tuesday, March 15, 2005


The deposit is paid. I can't change my mind :D

Any tips or suggestions? (I've never travelled around an Asian country before)

Or anyone there want to meet up for a beer between April 24th and May 2nd?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Taipei -

Things to see and do:

1. Palace Museum. The only thing I'd put on a must-do list in Taipei (well this and night markets). Be careful of the taxis outside - they will rip you off (not try - they will). But it's all the things from the Forbidden City that the nationalists took when they left China. Amazing.

2. Night Markets - probably the best aspect of life in Taipei. Street food, noise, everything. My favorite one is Shilin - snake alley is way too touristy.

3. Chaing Kai-Shek Memorial Tomb - blah blah blah. it's kind of imposing looking, but I think if you have better things to do, you have better things to do.

4. Ximending - shopping district - the only problem is it's heavily Japanese influenced and you live in Japan

5. Chunghsiao East Road, Sec. 2 - my favorite street in Taipei. Shops, things to see and look at.

Bars & Clubs -

1. Carnegies - Western (not as in cowboys and belt buckles but as in English/American/Australian) bar where patrons and waitresses dance on the bar.

2. Room 18 - local club located in Warner Village. My favorite club - full of overpriced drinks, chinese-americans and way too small.

3. Vacuum space - see room 18


4:53 am

Blogger Carole said...

Jo, I'd love to meet up! We'll have to pick a time closer to the date, k?

2:02 pm

Blogger Claire said...

will u come to Taiwan?
welcome to my country!

so where are u gonna stay ? Taipei? or u will go any else places in Taiwan?

if u have any questions, feel free to email me....I can give you some guides! :)

2:17 pm


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