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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

P.M. oh Shit...

Firstly, please keep Taiwan suggestions coming. I need to open the guide I have and read it so do help me decide where to go. Taipei and....?

Anyway, today I went up to Immigration to sort out a multi re-entry visa to get back into Japan after Taiwan.

Popped into the conbeni (convenience store - please remember the abbreviation) to get some money and saw with some amusement (amusement as it's the kind of thing I do and it's a relief to know I'm not the only ditz on the planet) that the girl before me had left her 10,000 yen note sitting there and had walked off. Naturally, I shouted after her...

To reward my laughing at her I then managed to cycle into a standing display of something. Luckily it was on the 'main' shopping street and I was going pretty slowly so it just wobbled a bit. My spatial awareness was totally out. I nearly cycled into someone after that. And later in the day had a near collision (on foot) with some cables going from the pavement diagonally up t the top of a telegraph pole, or lampost or something. I also dropped my wallet once and had a near drop a second time.

There'd been a notice up in the school saying to get to immigration take the number 12 bus from T station. Twats. I took the number sodding 12 bus and after about 15 minutes on it asked someone if we were getting near the Im. office yet (it's meant to be a 15 min trip). It turns out I'm on wrong bus. Nice driver sees bus in opposite direction and shouts it to wait while I run over road. Nice driver didn't charge me. When we got back to T station I asked 2nd bus driver about bus and he, bless his heart, deserted the bus he was about to drive off and ran (with me in pursuit) to the NUMBER 12 BUS STOP and showed me which bus to get. Now, WHY couldn't my school have spelt out they meant no. 12 bus STOP and not no. 12 BUS. GAH!!!!!!

Couldn't believe the sweetie left the bus and passengers to help me though. That is SO Japan for you.

I followed some random people off the bus that looked like they might be heading to the im. office (I'm always following random people) and that was that. Took my ticket and saw there were about 75 people in front of me. Woo Hoo! Filled out the form again, as the one I'd picked up from the school was an old one and waited and waited and waited. Eventually a load of people were called at the same time and it turned out I had to go to a conbeni up the road to pay and then come back.... . That was the point I threw my wallet in the air (it's normally boxes of tampons I do that with), wandered off. And then wandered back to ask where the conbeni was. The man laughed. You could see 'stupid gaijin' going through his head. LOL.

Anyway it's sorted now. And I grabbed a sandwich there with some kind of meat cutlet inside. I've also had sandwiches with potato salad inside and an asortment of other things. And sometimes you get 'spare' bits of bread. Most bizarre.

Then I managed to not find the bus stop to get home and wandered around for ages before eventually finding it. Well, I did ask a load of people where the bus stop was but none of them knew...


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