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Sunday, March 20, 2005


Haloscan won't answer my emails, so any advice on:

1. Since being a daft cow and having to have Haloscan and everything else put back onto my blog, if anyone leaves a comment on Haloscan, it reproduces itself onto every post.

2. In Haloscan I still have all the comments people made previously, but they're not back up on the blog, where I'd like them to be.

Any ideas on solving this?


Anonymous cbeck said...

Hmm... I solved this problem once back when i was on blogger... Dang if I remember how.

but looking at your source, i see

a href="javascript:HaloScan('Name');" target="_self"script type="text/javascript">postCount('Name')

Where it says ('name'), it should instead have a number. i would make sure your template has :

a href="javascript:HaloScan('<$BlogItemNumber$>')
and then the blogitem number deal again after post count...

And then you'd have to republish the entire blog and index...

If that's what you did just ignore me, but if you want any more help, you can get my email off of my page. I hope this hasn't been an intrusion, just happened along on nextblog.


4:18 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here - I finally found the din tai fung website.


8:39 am


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