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Friday, April 01, 2005


Gah! I spent about four minutes today explaining to a student what 'agree' means. Until it finally came out that she was asking about 'ugly'.

The other student in the class must have been so baffled at me explaining 'agree' for 'ugly' that she hadn't taken a word of it in and asked me what 'agree' was.

Don't ya just love days like these? (oh, to make sense of this you need to know that most Japanese will pronounce the two words the same). I got over the stress difference to them, but bet it'll be forgotten by next week.

Another student though hospitals had departure boards. I cracked up. So did the class when I explained why...

And what is it with my drawings. Either I get baffled looks or laughs (hey, I can't draw - get over it) OR cries of 'kawaii' ('cute' - pronounced like 'Hawaii', remember?)

Recently I've had cries of 'kawaii' for flowers (fair enough) and also for a picture I drew today of someone drowning someone else. Go figure... Strange students!


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