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Tuesday, April 19, 2005


All teachers are doing a big countdown to next Saturday, which is the last teaching day for two weeks....

The last week has been work, work, lots of drink, work, work, lots of drink, work mainly. Teachers are leaving so there are leaving drinks and normal impromptu drinking nights.

And only five days until Taiwan now.

Oo, just remembered something from Friday. One of my students, a nine-year old girl presented me with her puppies business card. Well, it's a business card sized card with a picture of her puppy and it's date of birth and it's name which is '[family surname] Woof' - pronounced without the 'w'. So cute! And the card is all pink and white.

HELP! I'm seriously falling for cuteness. I'm doomed. There's no cure :(

Still, at least I don't have Mickey Mouse tattooed or shaved and dyed into the back of my head, or a pigeon-toed walk. EVER.


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