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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Free-standing things

"Oops, I did it again."

I've mentioned previously that bicycles lock to themselves (a built in lock gadget on the back wheel) and aren't locked TO anything. In other words, they are freestanding. Months back I managed to knock over five or so bikes outside my apartment block. I had a friend with me so it was quite funny. Think domino effect.

Today I was alone. I park my bike (illegally) outside a bank along with dozens of other bikes all neatly sardined in. This evening I went to get my bike. Unlocked it. Tried to disengage it from the bike next to it. Stood back and watched ten bikes knock each other over. I just stood there in shock waiting to see how many were going to skittle over (and waiting for the ground to open up...).

While standing there, a Japanese couple, who must have been 20 or so metres past the bikes, turned around, saw what had happened. Didn't say a word, but turned around and picked up all the bikes... I couldn't even get to them to help.

That's the Japanese for you. I mean HOW kind?

Other freestanding things I keep seeing around are chairs. Now, must bus stops have benches, no? All the bus stops between my apartment and the station have little rows (maybe 3 or 4) of freestanding wooden chairs (think old classroom).

Do they disappear overnight? No. Are they vandalised? No. Couldn't see them lasting half a day in the UK.

One icky thing at the moment though is the popularity of nose-wiping on FLANNELS (toweling squares). I mean EUW, EUW, EUW. Hygiene??? And as 95% of Tokyo seems to by DYING with hayfever I've seen this a LOT. Yuck!!! And, even though I know sniffing is acceptable in Japan, I really cannot stand having someone sniffing loudly in my ear on a crowded train. Not nice.

Spring has definitely sprung. Please let it last.

And I've planned Taiwan. Hit me with any comments on this please itinerary, or suggestions for accomodation, train over bus, etc:

I have seven whole days and two halves. I'm not mad about hiking and want a pretty chilled, moochy time of it:

Taipei (two and a half days)
Wulai (one day daytrip from Taipei)
Hualien (one day)
Taroko Gorge (one day)
Sun Moon Lake (one day)
Taichung (one day)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

In Taichung you have to try a tapioca pearl milk tea. Yes, they have them elsewhere - but it's a Taichung specialty. Otherwise, there's really not too much to the city.


12:07 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

No advise on Taiwan, sorry, not even after your advise on sunday-afternoons in London :-)
Interesting point on the hayfever though, I take it the pollen-type is different there. I wonder if you'll be sensitised to them too, or if it will stay mild. If it does, I may have to leave Europe too!

5:25 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh by the way, that was me, lol. Hug from Bella.

5:26 am

Blogger Elspeth said...

Ohhh I dont know anything about Taiwan, the posts should be interesting.

8:07 am

Blogger muser said...

Oh I am glad you are not snotting in flannels.
Weird how hayfever is so localised - apparently a spoonful a day of local honey helps.

4:07 am

Blogger Jo said...

i'd heard the honey thing ages ago and ran it by my homeopathist before i came. she'd never heard of it.

11:00 am


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