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Thursday, May 05, 2005

A woman's place, and all that

Today I went to get some chores done locally....

After getting on my bike, cycling about 3 metres and somehow managing to fall off - hard - with the bike on top of me. I skinned my foot (flip-flops), my elbow (I look like a 5-year old that fell off a slide) and my chest (grazed and feels like somethings chipped in there).

Anyone wanna come and be my nurse-maid? I don't think I can look after myself anymore.

Tried to get some money out and couldn't. Maybe the machines don't give money out on bank holidays here? (They didn't over the Xmas holidays).

Got nice policeman to pump up my bike tyres.

And tried, unsuccessfully, to find something nice locally for a friends birthday that was a week and a half ago - sorry Sarah.

But, I did pass the Mothers Day section in the department store which had some scarves and a few other things and HUNDREDS of aprons. Mothers know your place! Equality obviously hasn't quite reached Japan it would seem!

Anyway, I'm now consoling myself with ice cream and considering never leaving home again. Ever.


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