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Friday, May 13, 2005


I mentioned to someone this evening that I'd taken my bicycle to the police station to get it pumped up and they thought this was odd. Strange. To me it seemed a very obvious thing to do.

On the train this evening I noticed a pet beauty school. Again, quite obvious this should exist if you think about it. It DID amuse me though.

My chest is STILL hurting from a week ago. But regardless of whether I've strained, sprained, broken or pulled something, I don't see the point in getting an xray to confirm this. If only I could stop laughing, sneezing, coughing, moving, lifting things, etc, I'm sure I'd be okay.

I have a beginners class of two students. I've had them since they started the course about 5 or 6 months ago. At the beginning their level was very very crap. I've realised they can now hold a (basic) conversation with me in English. I'm MOST proud!

This evening, I bumped into my neighbour at the station and she suggested we go for a beer. We went to a place we've been to a couple of times before and where we both hold members cards. We had to get updated cards and fill in new forms which included date of birth. I pointed to me, which is coming up soon (did I mention that already?) and asked for a 'presento' as a laugh. Guess what? We were given a FREE (my all time favourite word that!) bottle (1.5 litres) of shochu (clear 20% knock you out / give you a hangover / wonderful, wonderful drink). HOW happy were we? I wonder how many more freebies I can score before my birthday? (and yes, I DID have to prove it).



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