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Sunday, May 08, 2005

34 things for 34 years part one.

In preparation for my birthday, I thought I'd come up with an extremely random and somewhat pointless list of things I've done that other people may not have done. Next Sunday I'll post another 34:
  1. Rollerskated around the Blue Peter office (long running kids tv programme in the UK);
  2. Had lunch in the Blue Peter garden;
  3. Been in a light aircraft and been allowed to fly it and turn it around;
  4. Slept at the top of Masada in Israel at an hour the public weren't allowed in, after getting a lift in a bulldozer;
  5. Spent three months working on a kibbutz;
  6. Been invited in Guatemala to sleep in a one-horse-town in the shopkeepers uncles' house.
  7. Been on an archaeological dig in the south of France;
  8. Spent two years living in Paris;
  9. Slept in Brussels airport;
  10. Dragged actor Richard Wilson out of a pub;
  11. Had lots of 'supernatural' experiences I no longer believe I had;
  12. Stood on the stage and in the orchestra pit at the Royal Opera House;
  13. Drunk ant juice;
  14. Eaten deep fried worms;
  15. Hitch-hiked in England, France, Israel, Guatemala and Taiwan;
  16. Broken my little toe;
  17. Never been hospitalised;
  18. Developed allergies as an adult to things I didn't have allergies to as a kid;
  19. Held a python;
  20. Abseiled;
  21. Had my name on many dozens of tv programme credits;
  22. Been the subject of one newspaper article;
  23. Had bylines for many dozens of newspaper articles and features;
  24. Got told I wasn't suitable for MacDonald's after the three month trial period;
  25. Got sacked from nearly every job I had as a teenager and early 20-er;
  26. Written an obituary that made an entire funeral party laugh;
  27. Had a ladybird as a pet as a kid;
  28. Bit my Labrador as a toddler;
  29. I can't drive. I failed my test once and then gave up;
  30. I love the book 'The Little Prince';
  31. My longest relationship ever was 6.5 months;
  32. I have no idea how many houses I've lived in but it's got to around 30 or so;
  33. I've lived in ten cities;
  34. I've driven around London with a lifesize painted fiber-glass cow.


Anonymous Chameleon said...

I am impressed and more than a little jealous ;) Sounds like a vast repository of material should you ever tire of writing about your experiences in Japan (not that I suppose you will, and not that I'm suggesting you should, given how much we enjoy reading about them). I haven't even slept in Brussels airport (was it the drab old terminal or the gleaming new one?) though I have been living here since 1991. Happy Birthday when it comes!

3:37 pm

Blogger Jo said...

Thank you. The other list gets even vaguer!

5:05 pm

Blogger Timorous Beastie said...

Damn I've always wanted to live on a kibbutz! It was the promise of all those olives and sweltering afternoons in the orchard that attracted me, but I didn't do it when I was in my early 20's and I probably never will now, having been put off firstly by Israeli policies in the West Bank and secondly by an ex boyfriend who said it was one long shagfest (not that I don't want a shagfest you understand...)

And readers demand to know more about said article.

8:41 pm


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