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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Three things for Tuesday

Women don't get groped after 9.30am

I'm a little perplexed, I must admit. In Tokyo, many trains are introducing a women only car to cut down on groping by men. However, this only applies until 9.30am. Some lines apparantly run them late at night too, but that's besides my point.

Tokyo trains are rarely NOT packed. At 11 or 11.30 when I get the train to work, they are normally still heaving, and when I return at 7 or 8 or 9 or 10 or 11 at night... they are still packed.

Do gropers look at their watches?

I don't get it. If you're going to have women only cars available on trains, they should apply from the first to the last train.


I don't know exactly when it happened, but the Japanese, especially teenagers, have adopted 'bye-bye', and you hear choruses of 'byyye-byyye' ringing out at you daily. Most odd. I liken it to all British teens suddenly screeching 'ciao-ciao' at each other on parting. Teens, eh!


As anyone that's been concentrating on this blog knows, Tuesday and Sundays are my days off normally, but we have to do a certain amount of 'cover' days for other teachers. We all lurrrve cover days. Not. Anyway, today was one of mine and the trip took me on THREE trains. Grrrr. But, that aside it wasn't such a bad day. I directly evaluate how much I like teaching by how good my last class was. Or something like that. Today I had three fabulous classes - all were groups - and normally I have 1 or 2 students only. I had five housewives this morning who were really chatty, a group of six 5-6 year olds and a group of four 8-year olds. I love groups! You can do great games with groups. I love it when the kids get really excited in class and all competitive and how they take competition so seriously (which of course I encourage!). Of course, it is good if they also learn something! But just seeing kids enjoying the class is enough in my opinion!

Two of the other classes were so-so, and the final class was a business class with a dull dull student. I hate business classes anyway. But I'm still buzzed out from the kids classes. Or is that the caffeine? Hmmmm.


Blogger thephoenixnyc said...

Personally, I am an all day groper.

Also, bye-bye has become the offical way to say goodbye (in person or on the phone) in China as well.

7:50 am

Blogger Jo said...

Like there isn't enough 'borrowed' English in the Japanese language anyway...

10:18 am

Blogger Timorous Beastie said...

I once got groped on a bus in India, but didn't actually notice for a good 10 minutes. There I was, squashed against the back of a seat, hot and sweaty, but enjoying the pleasant rubbing sensation of the railing against my groin. Then I looked down and realised that the railing was a toothless Indian bloke.
So in my humble opinion, groping is best done under cover of darkness.

4:51 pm


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