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Friday, May 20, 2005


I saw a girl with a broken ankle today. She was hobbling with crutches and a plaster cast on one foot/ankle. On the other foot? A mule with a silly little heel.

Darling, that's probably why the first foot is in plaster.

Parents on trains here are good. They know their kids want to clamber on the seats and take off the kids shoes, lining them neatly against the train seats. Cute. Except, recently, I've been spotting adults taking off their own shoes on trains to get more comfortable too.

Can't wait for summer!

Japanese teachers of English: I've taught a few Japanese who teach English. The level of their English is apalling and their fluency terrible. Now I really understand why so many Japanese go through the system unable to grasp the language - blame the teachers!

Chest report, two weeks on, feeling a bit better now but still hurting a bit.


Blogger Lizy said...

Good post..u r rite in the 1st article..about the little girl..these days many prefer to wear heels even they get hurt..they r not worried abt that.

3:20 pm


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