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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Only here?

In the name of blog research, today I tried a cafe latte flavoured kitkat (white chocolate). Verdict? Not as nice as some of the other flavours I've tried.

Shorts (of any length) or skirts OVER lycra leggings is a very popular look here now. So much so that today I saw a male university student wearing shorts over leggings. Whatever you like I guess...

Also observed today was a scooter going down the road. A moron in a van decided to cut this guy up. It was unreal. I mean this scooter guy had nowhere to move to. Could have been very nasty. Even more unbelievable though was scooter man then headed round to van man's window, said something quietly and continued on. I'm not sure which of the two actions shocked me more. In the UK, scooter man would have yelled all manner of abuse at van man, or punched him / attacked his van, etc. Oh well. Only here, I guess.

My class of three 6-year old boys had me in stitches today. One of them has picked up 'Come on, baby' from somewhere and all three of them kept saying it. Their mothers cracked up when I told them. None of them (admit to) know where the boys picked this up from.

And chest report - am still in pain from 12 days ago....


Blogger machiruda said...

Jo, the male version of the shorts over leggings is horrible! I spotted one today, black leggings with jeans cut off at knee height. To top it all of, he was wearing something that was a cross between a summerhat/cowboyhat something... :s
I don't know... some people think Tokyo is the trendiest and most fashionable place on the planet, but these guys are definitely not doing anything positive for the city's image!

1:06 am

Blogger Jo said...

one teacher described it all to me yesterday as a 'whole bunch of rags' thrown together.

there ARE some most strange looks. but then, considering your average night in Shinjuku you'll see Little Bo Peep wandering around....

10:21 am


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