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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Gyoza ga suki desu*

* I like Gyoza

In Tokyo there is a gyoza (dumplings) museum. There may have been information about the history, geography, etc of gyoza but, to be honest, who cares? The whole point of going there is to EAT gyoza. Lots and lots of gyoza, and wash it down with beer. A pretty good way to spend a Tuesday afternoon, I'd say.

Somewhat randomly, though not really surprisingly, the gyoza stadium has been decked out to resemble an extremely strange haunted house. There were some very strange noises (not connected to the gyoza, I don't think) and a few animatronic thingies...

But the funniest sighting of the day was adults sitting in big plastic ducks, frogs and octopuses, rocking backwards and forwards and sort of singing karaoke.

[scratches head with baffled expression on face.]

And no. We didn't get involved in that.

P.S. Liisa - lots more towel on head sightings. It's definitely a 'fashion' thing.


Blogger Timorous Beastie said...

I'm not that wild about Gyoza, but I love that little van with the built-in brazier (not brassier, although that would be interesting too) that cruises dark city streets in the autumn singing "gyoooozaaaa, gyoooozaaaa" in an ever-increasing pitch. On a rainy night in Tokyo it's like Blade Runner come true.

8:51 pm

Blogger Liisa said...

Yep - I saw one too today and he definitely wasn't a guy from a construction site.

Should we try that too? Would a pink towel be a good choice?

9:26 pm

Blogger Jo said...

beastie - gyoza rock! especially

liisa - only if it had kitty san on it.

9:40 pm

Blogger Jo said...

see - i can't even manage my own comments -

beastie - i was trying to say, especially in yokohama with their peanut sauce. scrummy!

9:41 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh sure. . . love it in tokyo. and yet you can't go to the best dumpling house in the world in taiwan. yes, i'm still bitter you spurred my eating advice.

3:48 am

Blogger Jo said...

pleeeeeeeease forgive me. i'll take your hong kong advice, though i'm not sure how i'll fit all of them into such a short trip.


10:39 am


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