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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

I want one!

Today I saw a woman with a buggy, and on the buggy was a special clamp that held her umbrella over her. I want one for my bike! Holding an umbrella and cycling is HARD!

Pachinko - a hugely popular arcade game that involves salarymen sitting in front of a machine and feeding hundreds of little silver balls into it. Something or other happens next and said salaryman might win money. They all look so bored while doing it though is what gets me. Maybe it's cathartic?

Anyway, I have an early start most Saturdays which means leaving home around 8am when the pachinko parlours are shut and, every week, I see a gathering of young men (that's a bad sentence isn't it? makes me sound really old), anyway, I see a gathering of young men sitting outside said parlours waiting for them to open.


This has nothing to do with Japan, but I'm currently loving this website which has a webcam set up in Kruger National Park. For ages you see nothing, but then suddenly you'll look again and see a giraffe or impala or jackal.... I'm yet to see an elephant on there though. Enjoy.


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