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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

International Weblogger's Day

Sooooo, three options to write about, but which to choose?

Well, the third choice was Why do you think weblogging has become so popular?

An astonishing number of people have access to computers these days and with the combination of paint-by-number setting up of your blog and friends (mr teacher) who can do the fancy schmancy stuff like guest maps and whatnot, even an illiterate like myself can set one up.

And everyone has something to say. Or even if they don't, they'll say it anyway.

Blogging allows a lot of mememeism, doesn't it? My day. My life. My thoughts. My terrible day. My terrible life. My terrible thoughts.... This also allows a lot of voyeurism, or peaking into other people's worlds, which can, naturally be wonderful as most of our nosy buggers, aren't we? Sometimes this can be wonderful. Unfortunately, for every witty, informative, moving, great blog there are just as manly that are painfully boring to read. Or that you need a PhD to understand. Or just call me thick if you like.

Actually, on reflection, I'd say that interesting blogs are but a handful of roses amongst a host of thorns. I mean, have you really seen what's out there? ('I listened to a good CD today' or 'I got dressed and went for a walk today. It was nice.' and so many others just like this. GAH!)

Let's side track for a moment. Naturally, my definition of 'interesting' is probably very different from yours. But then, if that's the case you've probably stopped reading my drivel by now. Interesting to me means simple. Tell it like it is. Give me too much description before you reach your point, and you lose me. Tell me something I don't know. Tell me something that is REAL to you. It doesn't have to be all smiles and laughter, but laughing at yourself is a good thing and keep the public whingeing down please! Colours - don't use a colour that makes me squint to read it. Short sentences are good too. Engage me - why should I read your blog rather than someone else's?

But, enough of that. I'm waffling. Again. Let's talk about me now, and the first of the options:

Why did you start blogging, how long have you been doing so, and why have you continued?

At some stage last year, I made a sudden decision, brought on by desperation and extreme dislike of the job/career I had at the time and shared housing fun and games, that the long running intention to leave the UK and move to Japan should become more of a reality. The original plan, some months before had actually been to have headed out around this time (June 2005), but things were getting too whatever and I, for once, got my act together pretty quickly and within a matter of weeks had applied for a job, been interviewed, sorted out 20,000 different things that needed sorting out, got a bit stressed in the process, got on a plane and arrived in Tokyo where I relaxed, and am still relaxing eight and a half months later.

And so, on July 22nd 2004, this blog was born. I was going to start it once I arrived, but boredom at work one day, three weeks after my application process had started, got me setting up and starting to write. http://jo-in-japan.blogspot.com/2004_07_01_jo-in-japan_archive.html - is my first post, and chronicled all my planning and thoughts when I only had nine weeks to go.

I started it for three reasons: firstly, to enable my friends to keep track of me, see what I was seeing through my eyes and 'experience' all the new things in my life throuh me. Most of my friends haven't been to Japan, so this seemed like a good idea. Secondly, as a discipline for me as I never stick to anything and, thirdly, I now have a permanent record of one hell of an experience!

And for as long as I'm enjoying Japan, there'll be more things to say. I'm always seeing things that amuse, confuse or amaze me. I work as a teacher, with a lot of private students, so I get a wonderful insight into Japanese people through things I ask my students, or things they choose to tell me. My schools have Japanese staff and I drink with Japanese people. I learn from all of them. I question all of them. I'm fascinated by everything Japanese - from the history to the society to the cuteness of everything. This is what I blog about. This is a blog of my random observations and thoughts. Yes, I really AM as random as I seem from this blog. What you won't find here is politics, philosophy, or anything even remotely intelligent. I save that for my classroom where I'm expected to talk about everything and to know everything. (Yeah, right!)

When I start disliking things here, or being bored by them, it'll be time to move on. I expect to be on here and blogging about Japan for at least two more years though.

Happy Blogger's Day! And, Linda, Marcia and people 'thinking' about starting to blog - just do it!



Blogger christina said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, Jo! I'm enjoying yours.

8:35 pm

Blogger MoDigli said...

Frist off - Happy InWe Day and Great Blog! I must read you now! Also, thanks for stopping by my site, too! Isn't this InWe Day fun? :)

Second, I will be living vicariously thru you! I visited Japan for 3 weeks in October 2003 as part of a Fulbright Memorial Fund teacher group. It was amazing, and at the time I'd wished I could live there and do exactly what you're doing! Are you doing the JET program?

10:08 pm

Blogger Jo said...

mo - no. i'm working for a language school, which is, possibly more amusing. the hours are certainly better, i think!

10:22 pm

Blogger Michèle said...

Happy Webloggers' Day! Great post!

2:59 am

Blogger thephoenixnyc said...

What an excellent post. Well done.

12:16 am

Blogger Elspeth said...

Yikes I missed Webloggers Day - mind you think I have a good excuse. One thing I do love about your blog is that I do learn stuff about Japan - my daughter is also doing Japanese at school and loves all stuff to do with Japan.

Excellent post too.

11:18 am


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