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Monday, June 20, 2005

My first crane :D

Origami is in the Japanese genes. The Japanese are born knowing how to make cranes, I swear.

I managed to make a bat the other week but I've been aspiring to make a crane and today I made my first one under the instruction of one of my receptionists. I'm SO proud, and I've put it under my photo on the noticeboard with the caption 'Jo's first crane'. I got several admiring comments from students and students parents that saw it :D

Here are origami cranes. And they are not as easy to make as they look!


Another thing I learned today is that Japanese six year olds find it hilarious when their teacher suddenly starts using Japanese words. Well, I figured it's the only way to stop them using Japanese in the classroom! "No, not 'kantan', say 'easy' ". "No. Not 'kono' - 'this' ". And they were rolling on the floor laughing, as only six year olds can. They also found my quick drawing of a sheep hilarious. Reminded me of 'The Little Prince'. (Saint-Exupery - one of my favourite books).


And I love this story: Japanese 95 year old sets sprint record. BLESS!


Weather report from last three days: lovely and sunny, but a bit too hot.


Anonymous Nix said...

Those cranes ARE pretty! My nana knows how to make them. Am bummed I never learnt how. I could have gone to Japan and been a genius!

6:30 am


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