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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Feeling hot, hot, hot

Actually, I'm not too bad but that's the track I've got playing and I couldn't think of another title, so it'll do. (From '80's Summer Hits', if you must know.)

This morning the bike gatherers were out. This meant I cycled to my normal (illegal) parking spot in time to see the bikes being gathered up and taken away. I cycled to another of my (illegal) parking spots, to see most of the bikes there had been tagged to take away. Rushing, as I was late for my Japanese lesson, I went to a paid bike park - and was told it was full. I've used it a few times before and it's never been more than half full. I guess everyone was panicking, but there's so little parking for bikes near the station that, like cycling on the pavement, everyone always just dumps their bikes. Place number four, another of my illegal spots, had already had a few dozen bikes taken away, so given the odds that they wouldn't swoop the same place twice in one day, I left it there. Finally. And it was still there when I came out.

I then had a haircut. This is a brave thing to do when you don't speak the language, but I'd been there once before, so at least I knew I wouldn't have to fill in another form. The thing about Japanese hairdressers is they are so nice. To wash your hair, they lie you down with a blanket over your knees and a cloth over your face and after your shampoo, you get a head massage. Sooo nice. Oh and I saw another load of bikes being taken away near the hairdressers...

There's going to be some mightily pissed off people around this evening.


Blogger Liisa said...

I haven't found a hair dresser here that would cut my hair the way I want it. I want it VERY short.

I have to say I really enjoyed the situation when I earlier this spring went to a local hair dresser with my long hair and had a picture of Mia Farrow's Rosemary's Baby hair cut in my hand. The guy who cut my hair was so nervous. Poor guy. I am not going to torture him again.

8:30 pm


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