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Tuesday, July 19, 2005


There are several places that are day trips from Tokyo. Nikko was one. Kamakura is another. (Photos are nearer in coming as my camera card is now full, so I HAVE TO do something about it. Kamakura has lots and lots of temples and is famous for it's giant Buddha. It's all pretty laid back and chilled out with wonderful temples, great views, beautiful scenery and gardens, etc. We sweated our way around it though. It's. Just. Too. Hot. And it wasn't even sunny. Of course we did see some daft bints staggering around on silly heels - Kamakura involves lots of steps and the temples are all very spread out.

And tourists. Why are so many tourists SO loud and annoying? As white Gaijin in Japan we all stick out enough without being embarrassed by other foreigners. Anyway, it's actually quite interesting watching tourists sometimes. I mean why just look at an unmoving object, if you can video it, take a photo of it and THEN get someone to take a photo of you in front of it? Are you going to show all of these to your poor unsuspecting friends back home? Cruelty. It can be amusing to watch though. I also find cliched photos amusing. You know, the one of you dad in Pisa with his arm in the air so it looks like he's pushing the tower. Or your friend in front of the Trevi Fountain, throwing in a coin. I'm talking about the pictures that everyone thinks they HAVE TO take. Well, in Kamakura, the must-be-taken-cliche-pic is sitting crossed leg with fingers and thumbs touching in front of the Buddha who is, er, also in that position.

I wonder how many people who think of these must-be-taken-cliche-pic's actually think they are being original?

(No more rambling on today. Too much walking. Too tired.)

But, to the person who found Jo in Japan by googling: "japanese cockroach wrestling", I have one question: WHY?


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