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Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Me: Horrible weather, isn't it?
Student: Seven.
Me: Seven?
Student: Seven.
Student: Yes, seven.
Me: Seven what?
Student: Seven.
Me: Seven what?
Student: Typhoon. Seven.
Me: Typhoon seven?
Student: Seven typhoon.
Me: Seven typhoons????
Student: Yes. Seven typhoon from January.
Me: argh. Okay. This is the seventh typhoon this year in Tokyo. Right.

This must have taken about two or three minutes to conclude!


This week is a harsh week. I'm on a six day working week and have two special two-hour morning classes in addition to the normal working day that starts in noon. It's a killer. I was going to ramble on a bit about being a teacher, but am having difficulties putting sentences together right now!


Anonymous Sarah said...

It's raining in England too sweetie. So much for our summer. Sx

PS Thanks for the instructions, can't be doing with this new fangled technology.

1:30 am

Blogger Jo said...


the typhoon has now passed anyway and we're back to the hot summer.

7:53 pm

Blogger thephoenixnyc said...

i always have such a good time picturing you and the kids when you describe these conversations

12:19 am


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