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Monday, July 25, 2005

Let's Pecology!

Back last winter, there was ad on the trains that seriously disturbed me. It was a blonde model imitating a character, but she looked possessed and pretty scary to me. Luckily, scary girl disappeared. (imagine this with a model instead of the picture you see).

Now, however, there's a new one I'm finding disturbing. It's called 'Let's Pecology' and involved a panda hand puppet in a green t-shirt with the slogan 'Let's Pecology', squishing a PET bottle (you know, the 500ml plastic bottles) in it's mouth. I'm not sure exactly WHY this gets to me. But it does. And I don't really get it. I mean 'PET' and 'Pec'??? I don't know if it's meaning pecs as in muscles, but who needs muscles to squish a PET bottle? Maybe it's just English gone crazy again and isn't meant to mean anything.


Japan is a confusing country.


Additionally, it's raining. Not the rainy season mind you, as that's over. Nope. Now it's typhoons. Don't mix them up as they are not the same thing. Apparently. (Sorry, where I come from rain is rain. Especially if it's bloody heavy!)

* scary - and not to be confused with 'kowaii' (kowaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii) which means 'cute'.


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