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Wednesday, July 27, 2005


What's the point in chihuahua's? There are millions of the tiny things here, which weigh about 2lbs and are about 6 inches long. Now, of course if you live in a little house, like many Japanese do, and you want a pet, then it DOES make sense to have something small but let's look at some facts.

Dogs have four legs. Most dogs have four legs that work. This means, or rather should mean, that they are capable of walking by themselves. You would have thought. In Japan they generally get carried though in bags, bicycle baskets or occasionally in arms.

In summer they cannot walk because their little feet would get fried by the pavements.

In winter they have to wear lots of silly clothes because they'd freeze to death otherwise.

And they have big scary buggy eyes.

One of my students regularly brings one of his six dogs to me lessons. It stinks. Today I studied it though, trying to figure out if it was actually cute. After 45 minutes of careful deliberation I concluded it wasn't.

29/11/09 Update: I did have links in this post, but they all seem to have expired. Shame. Especially a shame that you can't see the painted dogs on my blog. But you'll survive. Have a look here if you want to see more dogs in stupid clothes and positions though.

When I lived in Paris I developed a dislike for poodles. But at least the majority of them weren't regularly trussed up in silly costumes. Actually, come to think of it, a lot were.

DOGS HAVE THEIR OWN COATS. At what point did someone decide a dog couldn't cope by itself?

Give me a nice big dog, anyday.

And if you're about to defend them - just keep the c*te word well away. 'c*te' and 'chihuahua' do not belong in the same sentence.


Blogger Timorous Beastie said...

Those pictures are truly horrific. The Japanese have a long way to go when it come to understanding animals. Give me a big mongrel anyday.

9:50 pm

Blogger Elspeth said...

Im eith you and beastie - weird things *shudder*

8:55 am

Blogger Liisa said...

I like those dogs. I like all dogs. It's the owners I dislike.

8:42 pm

Blogger Jo said...

I like all BIG dogs, Liisa. I just can't take the little things seriously. And neither do their owners, by the look of how they are treated and dressed up.

I had to babysit a Yorkie once. It was about 3 years old or so, I think. After walking it about 50 metres it would whimper, sit down and refuse to walk any further.

Call that a dog?

10:37 pm

Anonymous Sarah said...

How do they get their coats those colours? Do they spray paint them? Or put dye in their food? Surely someone should alert the Japanese RSPCA?

8:19 pm

Blogger Jo said...

the coloured ones were poodles. i'm not sure which country they were in though.

8:22 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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