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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Life in a Gaijin House

AKA - when Google Translator gets it wrong!

I'm finally getting around to post this. I took photos of these notices, in my new house, the day I moved in but, as ever, things don't tend to make it onto the blog for a long time. There is no cleaner in this house (a lot of gaijin houses have them) but there is a rota for the cleaning. Hence these 'instructions'.

All punctuation and spelling is as per the notices. I find them very funny. But then, that's me. I mainly understand what they are talking about!

- Garbage throwing away
It checks in the plastic bucket on the side of the door.

- Cleaning of common space
To complete with a detergent and a tool.
When you wash me, please do washing and exchange to a common towel etc, together.

- Management of vessel
Check on vessel (Toilet paper, Detergent, etc...), The thing that not is and the thing that seems to disappear are repporte and order to housemanager or the houseoffice.

Please without forgetting it is symbiosis! To do comfortable life, everyone always bears it in mind!

We wish to express our gratitude for you cooperation. Thank you!!

*Please give the person on duty note to the door in next person on duty's room after the person on duty ends of me.

Oh a further notice tells us that the garbage must go

to the decided place untill 8am.

After some consultation I've concluded this means 'before'. Clear as mud, innit!


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7:02 pm

Blogger Karen said...

My favorite is definitely:
"Please without forgetting it is symbiosis! To do comfortable life, everyone always bears it in mind!" Wise words.

11:13 pm

Anonymous Learn to speak Japanese said...

I lived in a Gaijin house in Nerima in Tokyo. It was a blast!

6:39 pm


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