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Sunday, February 28, 2010


Get up. Early. Quick shower. Leave. Realise I've got to work EARLY. On a Saturday. Drink coffee. Eat sandwich (Doutor). Prep for lessons. Try and get some answers from reception. Fail. Drink another coffee. Rearrange room. Teach two kids. Have another coffee. A bit more prep and some clear up. Rearrange room. Teach two kids. One kid. Rearrange room. One adult. Back to back. Drink a coffee while teaching adult. Adult has come to lesson depressed for last three weeks. Have to act as a counsellor. Am not a counsellor. Am not an entertainer. Am a teacher. Who wants to teach. Not entertain. Not counsel. At least this week she didn't burst into tears. Progression. Am still talking about adult here. Listen to her problems for 30 minutes. Have a decent sized break. Thanks to a cancellation. Eat lunch. Drink coffee. Try and get some more answers from reception. Mainly fail again. More clear up. More prep. Rearrange room again. Try and get some answers from reception. Fail again. Teach a nightmare class. That used to be a great class. But whereas I see students, other people see only money. It's not as important to other people as to me that they cannot disrupt 3 and 4 year olds as much as they are. That they need routine. Not important. Made my job impossible. Lesson finished. Five minutes to rearrange room / tidy room / grab coffee / mentally psyche myself for low level elderly adult. Listen to how much she likes old J.Pop. Especially Leona Lewis. Patiently explain Leona Lewis isn't Japanese and therefore not J.Pop. Granny surprised. Explained Leona Lewis not an old singer. Manage to not burst into tears. Listen to more bewildering comments. Spend about 5 minutes getting granny to understand 'go to work' and 'go home'. Clear out granny. Grab another student. Teach. Eight minute 'break. Tidy room a bit more. Rearrange room. Grab coffee. Grab student. Students first lesson. Say: how are you? Students said: how are you? Smiled. Said again: how are you? Student eventually got it. Wondered if student had been allocated wrong book. Struggled through lesson. Finished lesson. Cleaned up. Tidied up. Put away. Left. Got home. Salad and muffins. Collapsed. Watched American Idol and Secret Diary of a Call Girl. Struggle to stay awake. Decide to crash nice and early as can hardly keep eyes open. Turn off light. Snuggly. Relaxed. Put on eye mask. Nice and dark. Drifting. Drifting..... SNAP! Brain turns back on. Thinking. Thinking. Thinking. Thinking. Worrying. Worrying. Stressing. Stressing. Mulling and mulling and mulling. Too much going on. Light back on. Do a Sudoku puzzle. Normally helps me drop off. Didn't. Decide to jot down things I need to tell my boss next week. If the words are on paper they won't mull around so much in my head. Will they? Didn't work. Gave in. Took pill. Put on computer. Know I'll be fucked again tomorrow. Know I won't be able to drink so much coffee tomorrow. Know I drank too much today. Know I had no choice. Tomorrow have to work. Early start. Exhausting day. Possibly very lucrative day. Fun evening planned. Looking forward to that. If I'm still awake by then...


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