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Monday, February 22, 2010

More Applications...

To be honest, I'm a bit hopeful for a couple of the things I've applied for for the summer. The not-so-hopeful-paranoid part of me isn't taking it lying down though and today I painfully churned out a few more applications. On forms. Took AGES. Am sure I wrote a load of twaddle...

But the thing is...do I know stop and wait, or continue applying?

What's making me even more nervous is that chances are I'll be starting a summer job without having anything firm lined up for afterwards as a lot of the October recruiting isn't done until August or September.

This really does make me rather nervous as I always need to think two or three steps ahead. I have no 'wait-it-out' plan. I can't go back to a parental home and figure things out... It's not an option and it makes things like this rather complicated.

Oh well.


Blogger The Pixy Princess said...

I hear you about the applications! I must have filled out close to 200 over the past 6 months! Keep filling... the more good ones you have out in the world, the better your odds!
Yours in application hell,

3:39 am

Blogger Jo said...

LOL! It's painful, isn't it? I mean, why can't they just accept CV's? Giving a list of what I've done on an application form is NOT as helpful as the detailed info on my CV.

Just my opinion!

At least you get a little break from it now, eh?

11:02 am

Blogger The Pixy Princess said...

Given how my boss has been giving me the run around over the past few weeks, me thinks its about time to get back into the application game.

5:26 am


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