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Monday, February 22, 2010

My Weekend

Some drinking. Actually rather a lot of drinking of Friday, some on Saturday, some on Sunday.

A lot of room sorting. YES! I've almost finished unpacking. It's important that everything goes in the 'right' place. Takes time to figure out where that is.

A lost of runny nose and coughing. Enough said.

One job email; one job application; one application started and given up on (I donno what to write in my 'greatest achievements' section. Especially when they want TWO! One I could cope with. And one more I'm definitely planning to do today.

Er, that's it. Big supermarket shop. Full fridge. Happy.

Olympics. I got around to plugging in my TV for the first time a few days ago. Now hooked on the Olympics. Am fascinated by the curling. I wonder how the decision was made to include curling in the Olympics. It's not a sport. Although it's strangely fascinating to watch!


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