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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Oh Shit!

Two of the kids I teach R & S have lovely mothers. I'm sure a lot of my kids have lovely mothers but R & S's mothers are particularly nice and we always chat before and after R & S's lesson. R & S are 6 and 7 and a pretty good level. Especially R, who attends an international kindy.

Anyway, today, R's mother put her foot right in it: there are work experience ladies at some of our schools at the moment and a couple of them were standing around with me, the mothers and R & S before the lesson, nattering and gossiping.

S, the boy, was upset. Doesn't really matter why - nothing to do with me anyway - and R's mum (R's a girl) suddenly said - in English - I wish I had a son. Poor little R nearly burst into tears (like I said, her comprehension is pretty good)

The mother tried to backpedal as quickly as she could but it was hard.... as we were all pissing ourselves laughing.

R got over it pretty quickly!


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