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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

WHY would you say that?

In one of the groups I teach, H is the only man in a class of 5 students. H is in his 60s and a bit of an odd character. Maybe I mentioned H before when he said his mother was very old and he was probably going to have to look after her for another ten years as she was so 'healthy'. He said it with a lot of bitterness.

Yesterday I gave the learners some question dice (each side had 'who, where, when, what, how, why' on) and got them to use them to talk, in pairs. As an activity this generally works pretty well, especially when they're not given any guidance about what to talk about. Now and then one of them would ask me how to say something or I'd throw some errors onto the board to sort later.

Anyhoo, M asked H why he studied English conversation and H said he didn't actually like English.

H is self-employed, doesn't use it for his job, has no company making him use it... so you do have to wonder WHY he's studying it, don't you?


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