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Monday, March 01, 2010


I had to work on Sunday. A special promotional day of demo lessons to prospective new clients. Kids. Luckily I got to get out of there at a reasonable time and met up with an old housemate, E, and one of her friends, A, for a really fun evening.

We went to a small bar to see a comedy act Shoshinz (love the English on this website!). Before they came on, there was a singer and - well, their fans are utter geeks. E, A and I were in hysterics watching them. One song was called 'Milk' (I think) and I guess it was about a cat as the audience kept swooping - totally out of time with each other for the most part - and pawing the air singing 'meow, meow', waving about light sticks, etc. Utter geekdom. Fucking funny. And taken so seriously. Apart from by E, A and I.

The geeks were all thirsty and disappeared off to the bar after singer finished, allowing us to get right to the front for the Shoshinz, who were pretty funny / rather strange depending on what they were doing. It was all very cute though. They're act is without speech, just lots of expressiveness, use of their bodies, singing, etc. Different.

E is a sake expert. Seriously. She's (apparently) the first qualified sake somelier in France. Not that anyone in France drinks sake. Apparently ;-)

So, we went off to drink sake. Lots of sake. A started off with a beer, while E and I attacked sake setS. And then more sake. And then more. The food was awesome and it was all bloody cheap.

We had a lot of fun and - bizarrely - a lot of the Japanese people sitting around us spoke English and we had some funny random conversations with them too.

Got home. Headache set in. And blocked nose. Now (early afternoon) head is fine but nose still blocked - and I have a phone interview later on! Yay.

OOOOO LOL - advert on telly for a cream or cleansing product or something (didn't take that much notice) called... 'VIRGIN FACE'. LMAO. (okay, I accept I'm maybe in a minority that finds that very funny).


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