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Wednesday, March 03, 2010


My blogroll is hopelessly out of date but I have a lot to sort out before I sort that out. In the meantime, am currently obsessed by 65redroses which I found about a month ago through mcmama's blog which I found about six months ago through matt's blog which I found a couple of years ago through thorntree which I found in 1999 when I was researching my first trip to New York. Phew, so there you go.

DISCLAIMER: all of these blogs have been going for a while. If - like me - you are prone to read blogs from the beginning, I will not be held responsible for your 'wasted' day.

Go and check them out. 65 red roses's Eva and Matt are pretty inspirational people. I've cried reading there blogs. A lot. A lot lot. Mcmama's is a different case. I can't really say why I'm hooked on it - but I am.

Who are you reading these days?


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