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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Oh My Head!

Spring looks like it might be back and there's lots of fun things going on in Tokyo today. Unfortunately I'm too hungover to leave my bed.

The plan was for a quiet night in as I've been trying to shake off a cough this week and I'm rather poor this month. My friend, Kate, came over and I cooked and we demolished three bottles of wine between the two of us. She went to get the last train and I walked her to the station, planning to cycle back but Kate decided it would be a good idea to go to a karaoke bar in Golden Gai.

Several hours, gin and tonics, tequila shots, beers, songs and random conversations with lovely lovely random people later, I headed home. Except I managed to get lost somehow and I was way too drunk to get on my bike. Although I did try!

Feeling like crap currently and had to miss the Design Festa that I really wanted to go to. And having to miss the Jamaican Festival in Yoyogi Park because the idea of leaving my bed is just too much to handle. Oh well! It was worth it. I think!!!


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