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Friday, July 13, 2007

Favourite Words

Those magic words were uttered to me today: "Your last student has cancelled."

This phrase fights with 'free' 'karaoke?' and 'nomihodai' to be my favourite utterances.


I've blogged before about the lack of dogs to be seen walking in Tokyo and how it's more likely you'll see them being carried in a bag, or pushed along in a buggy. Well, today I saw a Pug being carried - in a baby sling.


Crazy Gaijin moment: In Kichijoji today I passed by whole chickens being spit-roasted. I've never seen a whole chicken in Tokyo, let alone one being rotisseried. The only thing missing was the smell. It didn't stop me from stopping in front of it and watching it for a few minutes though.

[I have no oven and wouldn't be able to roast a chicken even if I could find one!]


After spending a few hundred pounds on clothes in London the other week, I found myself strangely being drawn to Uniqlo this afternoon, where I bought yet more...

Control me someone. Please.


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