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Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Let's keep this brief:
  • Bike tyre needed pumping
  • Decided to do it on way to work
  • Bike shop was shut
  • Attempting to cycle over a railway crossing (attempting because there were bikes coming the wrong way (I wasn't going the wrong way), people trying to walk both ways and cars trying to drive) some utter arsewipe pedestrian (you can see I'm not too happy, no?) decided to block me and THEN PUSH ME. I fell off my bike onto the stones of the railway crossing. He'd long gone.
  • Coming home, decided to go into a garage and get them to pump up my tyres.
  • The back tyre EXPLODED five minutes after I'd got onto it.
  • I then had to spend about 20 minutes PUSHING it home.

Guess who is NOT happy?


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