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Monday, May 21, 2007

Birthday Post Twelve

The streets of Tokyo are clean and free of dog shit. Of course, ONE reason for this might be that dogs don't usually actually get to walk anywhere, they get carried of pushed.

I no longer bat an eyelid at seeing a dog being pushed around. Or at a dog wearing clothes. This one in sunglasses was a first though. Can you see it's little toy in the corner of its pram?

This little guy was left outside a toyshop while people gawked at him. I assume his owner was inside the same shop:

As you can see from this slightly closer view, he looks rather pissed off, don't you think? Wonder if it's his red and white bandanna, his denim dungarees or his yellow buggy that's annoying him most. Or the passersby who keep grabbing at his skin folds.

Does this count as animal cruely? One large over-shaved and snipped poodle for you. In the basket is a smaller dog. Can someone explain the term 'walking the dog' to me, please. Cos I'm a bit confused now.

This Daschund likes his pram. At one stage he was taken out of it, put on the floor and, HORRORS, expected to walk. Boy, did HE look pissed off. He actually sat down and refused to move until he was pulled along the pavement. Grumpily.

This isn't a very clear picture as I took it from a cafe balcony onto the terrace a few metres away. Anyway, you should just about be able to make out that lump on the pooches' back. Its hair has been shaped into a large heart shape. Help me!

Life in Japan, for a dog, is pretty good though. I mean, so many nice clothes and accessories, not having to walk and having its own beauty parlours for massaging and treatments. Oh and not to forget dog cafes. I mean do some places not have these yet?

And, naturally, as many Japanese live in such small apartments that they can't keep dogs, they can pay to go and touch and play with them. See, the Japanese think of everything!


Blogger Julia said...

That's brilliant.

A place where you can touch dogs!? Like a dog zoo?!

That dog in the sunnies with his own fluffy toy is a riot! This is humanising animals at it's best - or worst!?

12:17 pm


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