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Monday, July 02, 2007

Where do I belong?

Tokyo, Japan and the Japanese often drive me nuts BUT I have never been so happy to be back.

This really does beg the question of where should I be. One of my friends said the other day that she felt she might never find a place that she really belonged. That's how I feel too.

Anyway, just a quick thought.

Tomorrow I'll try and blog about the rest of the week in London and, in particular, the reasons behind me 'never been so happy to be back' statement.

P.S. To clarify: seeing Sarah, Linda, David, Nikki, Mostyn, Vicky, Susan, Bapi, Ben, Lesley, Gemma, Val, Iain, Rob, Paul, Kate, Andrew and Katya was fantastic. And so was the shopping. It was other things....


Blogger Perkunas said...

Not that you asked, but we all belong where we are happy, and, IMHO, that can be anywhere we think we are happy. I envy your life in Japan and wish I could do more traveling.

8:28 am

Blogger Jo said...

Good point. The problem is when you just can't figure that out though. I think everyone wants a bit of someone else's life, the trick is to get the balance right. And that's the tough part.

8:17 pm

Blogger Milla said...

In the past 6 years, I've lived in London, Brussels, NYC and back to London. I have no idea where I belong or what, if anything, I'm searching for.

I was born here in London and currently have a love-hate relationship with it. I know I don't belong here, so where???

Been studying Japanese for the past 6 months and will head to Tokyo for 3 months in Jan 08. Hopefully, I'll find a sense of belonging there...

4:57 am


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