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Sunday, June 24, 2007

The Journey

I`m at Narita Airport where they have free internet access.

This, however, does NOT make up for the fact that I`m angry. Why am I angry?

Because I tried to buy some perfume,which OBVIOUSLY I was going to use to attack someone or bring the flight down with, and was told I can`t buy Duty Free as I`m stopping in Kuala Lumpur for four fricken hours.

I am NOT amused. This is ludicrous.



So, I'm now found free internet access at KL Airport. I am SO bored. I've not even been here that long but it's just.... boring. I got the duty free. The rest of the shops aren't so interesting. Not that I've found yet anyway. The seven hour flight here was nice. It was a half empty plane so lots of space and having a seat next to you to dump stuff on makes SUCH a difference! And there was a massive choice of movies and games and stuff so that was me all happy. Apparantly the KL to Heathrow flight is FULL. Buggery bollocks. I hope I don't get an annoying person next to me as it's a LONG flight! Oh well. I guess I'd better go and find something else to do now! Laters.....


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're in the UK! Hurrah!
See you soon!
Ben J x

11:56 pm

Blogger jojoebi said...

I finally get round to getting in touch and you have buggered off! Typical, at least I know there won't be any earthquakes for a while ;o)
Anyway, I have tagged you - check my blog under meme to see how to play.
BTW - you are invited to our housewarming once we have built the bloody thing! Have a good trip,

6:50 pm

Blogger Boo said...

Have a nice holiday, Jo!!!

1:15 am


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