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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Tokyo Whinge

Tokyo is an all singing, all dancing, cosmopolitan city that has something to offer everyone 24 hours a day.


I'd like to go out until 2am. I passionately hate having to choose between the last sodding train at half midnight or 1am or spend money and stay out until they start up again. I really don't like not having this choice. Taxi's aren't an option as they are so expensive. This is just so frustrating. For a city like Tokyo to not have all night trains or night buses is ridiculous. Or maybe London just spoiled me?

Another frustrating thing: not so much about Tokyo in general but teaching and living here: is how transient it all is. I found out about another friend today who is leaving at Christmas. Sad. I mean I know there'll be people coming and going for as long as I'm here, but that isn't really the point I'm making.


Blogger Nix said...

TOTALLY agree!!!
Here in Toronto, the TTC (Toronto Transit Commission) keeps running ads about not drinking and driving.. and how the TTC is the "safer" way etc etc blah blah...
And then on a Saturday night when you finally stumble out of the bar at (approx) 2 am and peer around for a bus, train or streetcar... they're no where to be seen as the whole bloody line shuts down at 1 am!

9:14 pm


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