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Thursday, October 06, 2005


I miss the sound of the cicadas. Yes, those horrible flying golf-balls I blogged that freaked me out. I miss their shrill clackering after having it as a background to the summer. A few odd chirps and screams can still be heard, but most are gone.

I've started eating nicoman again. The steamed filled buns sold in conbeni's.

And last night I ended up giving in and giving up my summer blanket for my winter duvet. Summer seems to be well and truly over. Although, eternal optimist that I am, I don't think the hot days are all gone just yet. I'm not packing my flipflops anyway yet anyway.

In memory of summer I've had my hair cut short again. It's cute, although I'm not sure what to do with the front bits, so they just get pinned gently back.

Saw another pair of odd jeans today. They looked inside-out. You know the colour of the reverse side of blue jeans? Well, imagine them being worn with that side showing and the turn up at the bottom being six inches of normal denim along with the back pockets. And they had red stitching. Interesting.


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