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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Too much pink!

Imagine a pink world. Pink. Pink. And more pink. Everywhere - pink. Pink everywhere. With a few pastel blues and pastel yellows swirling around the pinkness. Imagine a sickly sugary smell being wafted all around you. Imagine your worst nightmare - in pink - and you are getting close to the cuteness that overwhelms you and calls itself Hello Kitty Land (Well, Sanrio Puroland actually, but let's not split hairs here).

In Hello Kitty Land, Kitty, in many of her pretty dresses, and members of her family (yes, of COURSE she has a family) wander around being mobbed by - well, by everyone really. Other Sanrio characters mingle around too. You can take a boat through more pinkness and cuteness. Wander through Kitty's house - sitting on her bed, hopping into her bath and shower, resting on her settee, posing in her car. And it's all pink. Very very very pink. And buttons and levers that, in a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory style, actually made big things happen. Very exciting. VERY surreal. And, finally even my friend, a die hard Kitty chan fan, ended up feeling Kitty'd out by the end of the experience. And (don't tell anyone this, but (pinkness aside) it was kind of fun!

Here is Kitty's House:

Here is one of the many Kitty's that wandered around:

I would have uploaded more, but it'd have been far too much cuteness for one post. The rest are on my photo page.

To combat all the cuteness, I went DVD player hunting in Akihabara the next day. Akihabara is full of electronics shops. Too many shops. Too many people. I gave up on trying to find a DVD player after trying a few shops. I was expecting to see a lot more gadgets than I saw, although there was a lot of interesting tourist tat and I did see a Hello Kitty backscratcher the size of hair tongs, which I didn't buy.

I did, however, get a headset to start using SKYPE so if anyone wants a chat my Skype name is, funnily enough, joinjapan (SARAH: do you have skype yet?) and I haven't tried it out yet.

Oh and today I'm off for more cuteness. This time to see these fellows at the Ghibli Museum:

I adore Miyazaki's films (My Neighbour Totoro, Spirited Away, Howl's Moving Castle, etc.) Can't wait!


UPDATE: The Ghibli Museum was very mature. There was no pink and no huge Totoro's running around (which DID upset me). There was a large Nekko Bus, but only kids were allowed to climb in it (also quite disappointing). They had a no photo policy inside too - although I did sneak one of the Nekko Bus, which I'll get up soon. The rest of it was just lots of info about the films, how animations are made, that kind of thing. Nice place but nothing to rave on about. Although they showed the cutest animation in their little cinema for about 15 minutes about a puppy that gets lost. I cried.


Blogger DCveR said...

There is something about Hello Kitty that simply makes my stomach do back flips...

5:34 am

Anonymous Sarah said...

Skype?? Hang on a minute, I am still getting to grips with the mobile phone and trying not to drop it down the toilet too often...

8:03 pm

Blogger Jo said...

Skype - free phonecalls via the internet.

12:52 am

Anonymous gemstar said...

have you got skype sorted out mate? i'm sorting myself out for it so talking could be good. i'm crap at email. oh wait. i'm crap at phones too. oh well. Oh - and i'm not going to hell kitty land when i visit.

7:53 am


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