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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

The Poor Have No Leejzuuure

I have a confession to make: I've started watching reruns of Miami 7. Did I mention this before? The bad bad 'comedy' with S Club 7 (before they broke up). It's amusing me, which is even worse but, in my defence, it IS in English. That isn't much of a defence, is it? Maybe if I say I never saw it in the UK I can be forgiven? Anyway, they show a scene or two and then have a discussion about it and translate and explain lines in Japanese. It's bad, but amusing.

Oh, and the title of this post is the first thing I heard when I turned onto Miami 7.

Pizza. This morning I bought a random slice of pizza from a bakery. By random I mean it was hot, looked nice and I had no idea what it was. Biting into it I discovered I'd bought a curry pizza. Curry pizza? Interesting combination, although somewhat unexpected. In fact, and I can't recall half the odd toppings I've come across here, pizzas here can be quite creative. For example, you can get natto on pizza (why?), lettuce and mayo on pizza, chunks of octopus (quite nice actually), smoked salmon, little fish (no idea what they are called but they are about a centimetre or less in length and come in salads and bags by the 1000...) I'll come back to this when I remember more topics.


Today was my final day in one of my schools. The day is being closed down so I'm being sent elsewhere. It was kind of strange saying goodbye to the students, especially two of my favourite lads... but I'll get over it, and I'm sure they will too!

I taught a pair of identical twin 5 year old girls today for the third time. They are very cute kids, but I found it pretty freaky staring at the two of them side by side. Kind of like double vision or something. And their mannerisms were the same too. I kept thinking of some horror movie or other that had young twin sisters in and being unsettled by that. They weren't like other kids their age either. They hate music and songs, so I didn't bother with any. They also seem to hate anything involving a ball. Their regular teacher wanted me to give a revision lesson but they weren't really up for any activity and definitely weren't up for repeating ANYTHING. Finally they seemed happy enough when I gave them a craft activity and left smiling and happy, which meant their mum was happy. And I was happy - that they'd left. GAH!


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